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the church worldwide

Macduff Parish Church has many links with the church worldwide and organisations working in a number of different countries. These include:

Tearfund is a UK Christian relief and development agency which works in over 50 countries. It is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee. The congregation regularly respond to emergency appeals through donations through Tearfund.

The Raven Trust provides practical, direct support to needy communities in Malawi, East Africa. They regularly organize containers to be shipped to Malawi. MPC helps collect items that can be sent out to help communities in the north of Malawi.

Christian Aid is the official relief and development agency of 41 British and Irish churches, and works to support sustainable development, stop poverty, support civil society and provide disaster relief. Every year MPC is involved with a number of fund raising activities to support the work of Christian Aid.

Ekwendeni Hospital, based in the north of Malawi, is a general hospital with 183 beds, serving a catchment area of 45,000 with a wider referral area of 120,000. The hospital employs 170 staff and sees over 21,000 out-patients every year, of which over 7,000 are usually admitted. Ekwendeni Hospital accommodates 3,000 births a year. The links go back to the 1980s when Elizabeth Mantell, an elder at MPC, worked in the maternity unit.

Asia Link is a Christian mission agency connecting churches with ministry among the unreached peoples of Asia.

Blythswood Care is a Christian organization that provides practical help, love and support for those in need. Blythswood brings hope to families in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Hazel & Hannu Sorsamo have worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators for over ten years. Hazel is originally from Portsoy and Hannu is from Finland. They have worked in language development and training roles in the UK, Cameroon and more recently in West Asia. Hannu and Hazel and their three children (5, 3, 1) now live in Tampere, Finland where Hannu is the director of Wycliffe Finland. From there they work to support Wycliffe Finland members in different locations around the world as well as share the vision for Bible translation and promote the needs of minority language groups.