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MPC has two Friday night children’s clubs: JAFFA (Jesus A Friend For All) and J+. The Jaffa Club is for children in primary 4 and 5 and is held once a month at the Church Hall, in Market Street, Macduff. The J+ is for primary 6 and 7 age children and is also held once a month again in the Market Street Hall. Both clubs run from 7pm to 8.30pm.

We have lots of fun (leaders as well as children) with games, crafts, bible story/discussion, baking, wii, air hockey, table tennis, tuck shop etc. We usually have a special evening near the end of the last term and have our club outside and over the years have been to Myrus Park, the beach, ten pin bowling/soft play. There is no charge to come to JAFFA/J+ but children are welcome to bring money to spend in the tuck shop.

Children are welcome to come for as many or a few nights as they can manage. If you have any queries please contact Lynn on 833014.