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For Our Community Continue to pray for all those who work in the NHS and health services, and for those who have the responsibilities of leadership and decision-making as we respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

A Prayer for Sunday 21 November

Lord, who reigns on high
And who is robed in majesty,
We see Your Son come amongst us
As a King whose kingdom is not from this world.
May we respond to His presence
With faith and trust as we pray for the kingdom that is to come.
Lord, in Your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Lord, who reigns on high
And who is robed in majesty,
We see Your Son come amongst us
As the One who very life is a sign of the kingdom.
May we recognise the signs of the kingdom in our midst
And live as those who await its coming with expectation.
Lord, in Your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Lord, who reigns on high
And who is robed in majesty,
We see Your Son come amongst us
As a King whose reign resembles not the rulers of this world.
May we follow in His way
And seek to live in the light of His coming kingdom.
Lord, in Your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Lord, who reigns on high
And who is robed in majesty,
We see Your Son come amongst us
As the bearer of truth and as the light of the world.
May Christ the King reign amongst His people
And His way be known to all who seek Him in spirit and in truth.
Lord, in Your mercy
Hear our prayer.


Wednesday 24 November

Midweek Study

In the last of these studies before we enter the season of Advent, our Minister, Hugh leads us to think about what 'Shalom' may mean for us. He draws from a number of sources. The readings are from Numbers 6 and Philippians 4, and the songs are 'Peace to you' and 'Shaom, my friend' - both sourced from our friends at Chet Valley Churches and used with their permission.

Coffee and Chat is Back

We look forward to seeing you and chatting with you again this Wednesday at 7.30pm on Zoom. The link can be found in the members area.

We are planning a return to face-to-face meetings in the Church Hall soon so watch for more information in due course.

Christmas Gifts 2021

Macduff Parish Church is inviting contributions for Christmas gifts for distribution by the local Social Work department

Gifts can include:
Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, hairbrush (suitable for any person).
Food – long-life milk, bisuits,pasta, sauce jars, ketchup, cup-a-soup, pot noodles, tins of fruit, vegetables, meat and soup (ring-pull opening if possible).

Items should be placed in a bag or a shoebox and brought to Macduff Parish Church by 12 December (Christmas Gift Sunday at the Church). Further details for making a donation can be found in the members' area.

Thank you

Sunday 21 November

Morning Worship

Welcome to Sunday Worship at MPC led by our minister, Hugh. This week our theme is “Because He lives”, with the well-known song included in the praise. For the children, we have a lovely video re-telling of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The hymns are ‘Rejoice the Lord is King”, “Luke 10:27”, “Love of God, revealed in wonder” and “Because He lives”. Our thanks to Robert Milne, our organist; and to Chet Valley Churches, All Souls Orchestra, The Virtual Choir of the Russian Baptist Community, USA, and max7, who have kindly shared their recordings.

Prayer at 7pm

This Sunday (21 November), Christians across the country – and further afield – will continue to join together in prayer and reflection at 7pm in response to the pandemic.

The prayer is in the prayer panel to the left of the screen.

Friday 29 October

Thank you to Faith and Belief Communities from Professor Jason Leitch

Professor Jason Leitch, NHS Scotland's National Clinical Director outlines the state of the pandemic and offers a 'thank you; and encouragement to Scotland's faith and belief communities.

The video was recorded at the request of the Faith and Belief Representatives Group who meets and have been working with the Scottish Government throughout the pandemic.

Information correct as of the recording date of Sunday 24th October 2021

Christian Aid Week
Like many other charities Christian Aid is suffering from the impact of Coronavirus as the annual door-to-door collections have been cancelled during this Christian Aid Week. Meanwhile, Christian Aid is working with communities who have been affected by the pandemic in poor countries and communities. If you wish to give a donation to Christian Aid you can do so online by using this link.

On Line Giving

Can't make to church this week? Connected to us but live further afield now? You can now support the work of MPC financially by giving on-line using our new PayPal button at the foot of this page – even if you don’t have a PayPal account. This is a great way to be part of our team! Remember that PayPal will deduct a small administration fee from your donation.

Coronavirus advice

  • Please avoid handshaking
  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Catch your cough or sneeze in a tissue and dispose in a bin available
  • Further advice for churches can be accessed on The Church of Scotland website and from the NHS online


Welcome to our website!

We are a congregation of the Church of Scotland with a passion for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our aim is that everyone in our town, parish and beyond will hear about the saving Grace of Jesus and our prayer is that many men, women, boys and girls will respond to His invitation to follow Him. We are a lively church with a lot going on for all-ages during the week, not just Sundays.

So take some time to look through this site to find out more about what’s happening here. It will give you a flavour of who and what we are as a congregation. More immediate information can be found on our Facebook Page. We hope that as you browse our site and Facebook page, you will want to come and join us in worship and our other activities, but more importantly, that you may be encourage to find out more about Jesus.

Our church building has stood on its present site since 1805, overlooking the town and harbour. Adjacent to it stand the town cross and a large historic anchor, recovered from the bay, both of which together provide a symbolic reminder of the message of the church - that Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, is our steadfast anchor in life; and as our church tower was once used to guide boats into the harbour, it is our hope and prayer that Christ’s light will guide you through life and, in time, into His 'heavenly harbour'.

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